Information Technology Committee

Charge:  The charge of the IT committee is to formulate and express faculty views on information technology issues, including distance learning and online courses, recommends electronic voting procedural standards and tools that ensure security, anonymity, and faculty control, offer consultation and training, and, if asked, assess the legitimacy of software employed for soliciting faculty votes. Matters requiring Faculty action shall be sent as recommendations to the Senate.

Membership:  4 members are elected for 2-year, staggered terms (2 in odd years, 2 in even years). In addition, membership will consist of one faculty representative from degree-offering unit of the University, ELCE, and collectively all libraries of the university who shall be the faculty technology representative chairing or on a technology committee or one who is involved with technology. Two ex officio members shall be the Vice President for Information Technology and the UCIT Director of Educational Services.

Chair:  Annu Prabhakar (CECH)

2019-2021                                                        2018-2020

Larry Bennett (CEAS)                                      Adam Chekour (UCBA)

TBE                                                                  Fred Annexstein (CEAS)

A&S - Bob Hyland

CAHS - Erin Redle

CCM - Andy Villemez (for Fall, 2019)

CEAS - Kumar Vemaganti

CECH - James Hawkins


COB - Rob Rokey

CoM - Andrew Thompson


CoN - Tamara Maus

DAAP - open

ELCE - Susan Mahoney

Law - Donald Caster

LIB - Kellie Tilton

Pharmacy - Alex Lin

UCBA - Joe Gallagher