Committee on Committees

Membership: In addition to the chair appointed by the Chairperson, the Chairperson shall appoint the Senator from each academic unit who is serving in the second year of the Senator's term to the Committee on Committees.

Duties: The Committee on Committees shall provide the Senate with nominees for open positions on standing committees. In addition, the Committee on Committees shall provide the Senate lists of nominees for designation as the fauclty representative for all University committees when Faculty interests are involved or, if so directed by the Senate, to make those desinations directly. Each member of the committee shall maintain a list of Faculty from the member's academic unit and endeavor to learn about their interests and abilities with regard to service on University and Senate Committees.

Nominations. When feasible, the Committee on Committee will nominate two individuals for every open position on a standing committee or University committee. To the extent feasible, nominees should reflect the diverse interests and viewpoints of the Faculty. With respect to the Research and Scholarship Committee, every effort should be made to ensure that the members of the committees represent the full range of faculty research and scholarship.

Executive Sub-committee: The Committee on Committees may create an executive sub-committee of five persons from among its membership. If so directed by the chair of the committee, the executive sub-committee may act in place of the full Committee on Committees.

Megan Lamkin (ELCE)
James Canfield (AHS)
Carlos Bolech (A&S)   
Peter Burrell (CoB)
Wanda McCarthy (Clermont)
Regina Truhart (CCM)
Kumar Vemaganti(CEAS)  
Brad Wilson (CECH)
David Varady (DAAP)
Susan Boland (Libraries)
Michael Schoech (CoM)
Holly Jones (CoN)
Matt Robson (Pharmacy)
Pam Rankey (UCBA)
Sally Dunn (Emeritus)
Yolanda. Vazquez (Law)