Community Perspectives

Aftab Pureval


United Black Student Association


Black Graduate & Professional Student Association

We, the BGPSA, stand against the hateful and dangerous rhetoric that Richard Spencer poses to the unity and inclusion of Black Graduate Students at UC. BGPSA works to create safe spaces at the university for People of Color whose personhood is threatened by merely existing within predominantly white spaces. Allowing such hateful dialougue under the guise of the 1st Amendment not only dissapoints us, but also invalidates many of the equity and inclusion efforts that the university claims to support! We stand with students, faculty and staff who are of Color, Women, LGBTQ, and anyone else whose continued success and livelihood is threatened by the mere presence of a white supremacist! We stand against a system of structural racism that allows a university to provide such a person a platform. In other words, we stand against Richard Spencer! In solidarity with the UBSA, #We'llBeReady.


University of Cincinnati Anthropology Department

The Anthropology Department of the University of Cincinnati condemns the hateful, divisive, and dangerous rhetoric of white supremacist Richard Spencer. We share the concerns for student safety and the broader impact of his visit already expressed by the Irate 8, BGPSA, AACRC, and LGBTQ Center. We stand in solidarity with our students, staff, and faculty, especially those most impacted. We oppose his presence on campus in the strongest terms. #WeChooseLove


United Black Student Association

The United Black Student Association takes great concern with white supremacist, Richard Spencer, coming to the University of Cincinnati - concern for student safety, the hateful rhetoric directed at black and brown students, and the messages that contradict the values of our institution to name a few.

As the voice of black students, we have an obligation to provide multiple outlets for students to voice their concerns and fight for whatever it is they believe in regarding this controvery, and we plan to do exactly that. As always, #WeChooseLove. 

We only wish we could say the same about Richard Spencer. 

We'll be ready.


Global Public Health Brigades

While Global Public Health Brigades acknowledges the fact that UC has condemned the actions of Richard Spencer, we are still disappointed in their decision to not seek out alternative options that stand with our constitution to allow Richard Spencer, a notorious white supremacist known for his anti-inclusive ideology, to speak on our campus.

While individual speech should be protected, university speaker events differ from individual rights of free expression. Expending university resources to actively authorize a speaker of hate is wrong. Universities should be cognizant of not expending their resources on individuals who discriminate against members of their student bodies and encompass the antithesis of diversity, tolerance, and acceptance.

Confronting hate speech is not about controlling the conversation but rather about promoting tolerance and inclusivity. The University should evaluate the roots of students’ grievance and the roots of hateful opinions rather than delegitimize students’ concerns and desire for safe, welcoming environments.

Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity but also the mental as well as physical well being of all. Global Brigades values every person equally and strives to promote a safe space for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Global Brigades strives to promote inclusiveness, empowerment, equality, and justice both internationally and in our partner countries of Panama, Honduras, and Nicaragua, as well as locally in our country and city.

Spencer’s hateful rhetoric infringes upon the values we stand for as an organization and the ideology of free speech can in no way justify the bigotry and hate he spreads. We stand with the idea that equality and equity is a human right and are ready to open to offer resources to those that are the most affected and vulnerable and hope the university will rally students together in offering them a safe space during this difficult time.


UC African American Alumni Association

At the University of Cincinnati, Black students routinely are challenged to speak up for themselves when the administration fails to appropriately respond to matters concerning equity, inclusion, and justice.

As Alumni, we too feel the waves of emotion that active Bearcats are experiencing following the report that White Supremacist Richard Spencer will speak on campus. No word fully encapsulates the sting of racism or the disgust that permeates our hearts and minds knowing that our students will soon be subject to this type of inexplicable, and heinous rhetoric.

As alumni, it is our duty to help protect and promote the values of humanity and common good that bind us, all while dispelling ideologies that threaten our sense of self and community. We have never faltered in the wake of bigotry and we will remain resilient in the midst of this upcoming event.

Hate is unfathomable, intolerable, and has absolutely no room on our campus. We are committed to our students and will do our part to make sure support is felt and advocacy is known.

On Friday, October 20, 2017, we will host the Annual State of Black UC Address at 10:30 AM in the AACRC. We need all alumni, allies, and organizations invested in the safety, dignity, and wellness of our student body to unite in efforts and show the power of choosing love while actively standing against hate.

Please plan to attend as we highlight conditions of our students’ campus climate, and identify what we can do to ensure our community remains safe and secure.


University of Cincinnati College Republicans

It has come to our attention that the alt-right leader Richard Spencer has showed interest in speaking at the University of Cincinnati and is looking for an organization to sponsor him. The University of Cincinnati College Republicans have stated and will state again that we do not condone the message and hateful rhetoric of Mr. Spencer and the alt-right. We have no relationship with Mr. Spencer and have zero interest in inviting him to our campus to speak. He does not represent what our organization or what the Republican Party stands for. The University of Cincinnati College Republicans believe in an inclusive and respectful environment in which to promote conservative values on campus. Mr. Spencer and the alt-right do not share those values.


College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

We echo UC President Neville Pinto’s message and we strongly condemn the “dehumanizing views and racist practices” expressed by the National Policy Institute. These views are the opposite of our core values as a civil society, academic community at large, and DAAP specifically. We would like to share our Equity and Inclusion Statement, which emphasizes that at DAAP we are diverse by design:

At the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning we value a tolerant, inclusive, and caring learning and teaching environment that allows for the development of creativity through our common and diverse interests. As creative practitioners, we engage in conversations every day that cross boundaries and connect communities, locally, nationally, and worldwide. We recognize that the same skills of active reflection and engaged action that continually reinvent our experience of the world also serve the broader goal of participating in the creation of a vibrant, just society in which all members of our community are valued.


University of Cincinnati Sociology Department

The Sociology Department of the University of Cincinnati vigorously and resolutely objects to white supremacist Richard Spencer's proposed visit to UC. Spencer’s views are fallacious, hateful, and serve to disrupt rather than illuminate.

With the violence in Charlottesville heavy on our hearts, we share the concerns for safety and the potentially destructive impacts of his visit already expressed by The Irate 8, Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, Black Faculty Association, African American Cultural & Resource Center, and LGBTQ Center.

We stand in solidarity with students, staff, and faculty who oppose his odious message, particularly having it spread from our campus.


University of Cincinnati Black Faculty Association

The Black Faculty Association (BFA) of the University of Cincinnati expresses its displeasure with the school’s decision to allow Richard Spencer to speak on campus. A core goal of BFA is its commitment to making the University of Cincinnati a safe space for the recruitment and retention of talented Black students, staff, administrators and faculty. We are especially committed to engaging in actions and activities that protect the safety and interests of students, staff, administrators and faculty whose mere existence is despised by White supremacists. Stated clearly, we stand in solidarity with all people of good conscience to counter the vile and reprehensible free speech spewed by White supremacists. Toward this end, we are currently working with members of the university and local communities to develop counter protest strategies. Once a plan has been developed we will notify the community of our intended actions. In solidarity!


College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

The College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH) at the University of Cincinnati serves as a model of and resource for diversity that actively supports, empowers, prepares, respects, and celebrates all students, staff, faculty, and community members by advancing, sustaining and promoting diversity and inclusion in our personal reflections, intellectual pursuits, and professional development.

These represent our core values. We vehemently oppose any persons or organizations, such as the National Policy Institute, that do not share these values. We are in solidarity with the position of President Pinto and many other university groups in condemning this hateful rhetoric. We also recognize the impact of hateful speech on our university and community at large. We will uphold our core values and ensure that CECH continues to embrace diversity and that all students, faculty, and staff feel safe, welcome, and supported.


College of Nursing Committee for Equity and Inclusive Excellence

The College of Nursing Committee for Equity and Inclusive Excellence has the mission to be a change catalyst for a culture of inclusive excellence. Inclusive excellence means that we support all individuals regardless of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Nursing as a discipline sees everyone as a holistic being taking into account physical, spiritual, and mental dimensions that make each person unique. Nursing is a caring profession, providing care for all people including those who are most vulnerable. Education is at the heart of what we do in the College of Nursing. As such we encourage everyone to educate yourself and others, stay engaged, teach acceptance, and act by supporting those who are vulnerable (Southern Law Poverty Center, 2017). This is aligned with the core values of the College of Nursing and its vision:  “Through creative leveraging of technology and inclusive excellence, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing will lead the transformation of health care in partnership informed by the people we serve.”

UC Nurses, We See Leaders