Fleet Safety

This image depicts the UC shuttle, one of many vehicles in UC's fleet safety program.

What is the Fleet Safety Program?

The risks associated with motorized vehicle use are high, both in monetary and human costs. With a fleet of over 300 vehicles ranging in size and use, safety becomes a top priority. Working with Transportation and other stakeholders, we have established a fleet safety program to provide information and guidelines to employees, students, affiliates and volunteers regarding responsibilities for the safe operation of university insured vehicles. The goal is to promote the safe operation of motorized vehicles and to minimize the risks of unsafe, impaired or distracted driving to the community at large.  Two key components of this program are Driver Authorization through the use of Motor Vehicle Reports and the Accident Review Committee.

Driver Authorization 

In order to ensure top safety to our drivers, passengers and community, the Department of Enterprise Risk Management will obtain a motor vehicle report prior to authorizing new drivers and on a periodic basis while he/she is employed in a driving capacity. Drivers are also required to alert management of any changes to their driving status in the interim.

Accident Review Committee

The committee, which includes members from Transportation Services, Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Public Safety and Athletics, meets quarterly to review and evaluate accidents involving university insured vehicles and to monitor for loss control opportunities.

The goal of the committee is to prevent future accidents by using education and review. Drivers involved in an accident are requested to attend, allowing the opportunity for all persons to learn and become better drivers. Discussions have led to more use of the Defensive Driving Training available through EH&S, purchasing and implementation of technology such as back up cameras, and placing additional restrictions on the use of certain vehicles.

Traveling for Business?

It is highly recommended that UC faculty, staff or students traveling on business utilize car rentals.  The IUC-IC, insurance consortium, has negotiated contracts and discounted rates with the rental companies below.  This agreement provides coverage for any physical damage to a vehicle and up to $1 million for bodily injuries sustained in an accident.  Traveling in a personal vehicle may subject the driver's insurance as the primary payor in the event of an incident.

Transportation Services can facilitate your rental reservation or provide the University of Cincinnati rental code for the following approved vendors: