The image depicts one of the residence halls on UC's main campus, where hoverboards are not currently permitted.


Many of you are aware of recent news reports regarding serious safety concerns across the United States involving self-balancing personal scooters; also known as "hoverboards". There have been numerous cases where certain makes and models of these devices have caused fires and property damage. At this time, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating a number of these cases. They have yet to issue any formal report and recommendation. Most major airlines have banned them from being taken on flights. Many higher education institutions across the country have banned these devices from being used on campus and or within residence halls.

Until further research is considered and a formal policy is adopted with student, faculty and staff input, the University is prohibiting Hoverboard devices from being in any of our Residence Halls.  Effective immediately, the use, possession, or storage of Hoverboards, Swagways, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, and similar devices, are prohibited in campus Residence Halls until safety standards for them can be developed and implemented.

Remember that campus safety is a community responsibility. It is important that we ALL work together to help ensure that UC’s roads, sidewalks, and buildings are as safe as possible. As always, please continue to be mindful of the safety of others, as well as yourselves.