International Travel

Students on Study Abroad

Travel Safety

UC is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of students, faculty and staff while traveling abroad.

A crisis is defined as any event that harms or jeopardizes the health, safety or security of UC students, faculty and/or staff in a foreign country necessitating immediate involvement and/or action by the University.

Key actions:

  1. Ensure immediate safety of program participants
  2. Account for the entire group and communicate w/ family
  3. Contact UC at 513.556.1111 or
  4. Take action as determined by UC Emergency Response Team

International SOS Services

  1. Travel Assistance Services: Call 1-800-523-6586
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation: where Intl. SOS organizes the transportation of a Member or Mortal Remains by air ambulance, air charter, or other modes of transportation
  • Monitoring of Medical Care, Medical Expense Guarantee and Payment: where Intl. SOS monitors the progress of Member's inpatient/outpatient medical care by a medical practitioner and/or guarantees and pays associated costs
  • Dispatch of Medical Care and Supplies: where Intl. SOS arranges for the delivery of medicines, drugs and medical supplies which are not available at or near the Member’s location, and where practical and legally permissible


At least one month prior to departure, check if travel involves an OFAC sanctioned country.  If yes, insurance pre-approval is REQUIRED.

Submit the following documents to ERM@UC.EDU: