Protection of Minors

This image depicts a youth in one of UC's many summer camp programs.

What is the Protection of Minors Program?

University of Cincinnati sponsors programs and activities that are specifically designed for children, for example, summer camps.  The University also makes its facilities available to outside groups and organizations that conduct programs geared toward children.

UC is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of our community as well as all those who participate in programs and activities on campus.   This page is designed to raise awareness of some concerns affecting children and equip us to address such issues appropriately. Begin by watching United Educator's "Shine a Light" video below (10 min), which highlights the importance of this topic and then take the applicable courses below.

If you ever suspect misconduct with a minor on our campus, REPORT IT!


  • Review the Protection of Minors Policy and complete any required documentation and/or training as outlined by Human Resources.
  • UC has procured blanket insurance for UC sponsored summer camps. All providers of non-UC sponsored programs must maintain similar coverage (General Liability $1 Million/ occurrence and $2 Million/aggregate, naming University of Cincinnati as an additional insured.  See Insurance Requirements).  Refer to URMIA to purchase sports camp coverage.