Risk Management Awards

As we pursue the Next Lives Here vision, we are charged to boldly go after the limits of what is possible and usher in a new era of innovation and impact. It is that call to action that propels us forward and yet keeps us grounded in a simple principle…Do the Right Thing. Help us shape the Boldly Bearcat experience at UC and show your commitment by joining in and sharing the activities below which are open to all faculty, staff and students.

Submission Deadlines  

None at this time

UC Graduate Student Risk Management Awareness Award

First established in 2018, this $1000 award is to recognize graduate students at UC whose research or project demonstrates the student has excelled in taking a more holistic approach to managing the risk inherent in their work. The award is sponsored by the UC Department of Enterprise Risk Management and is given to a graduate student whose efforts have promoted a culture of risk management awareness that can positively influence a group or community. These efforts could be part of the student’s research, or a personal effort that complements their academic work.

A risk-aware culture shares values or beliefs that tie to a common purpose of reducing or managing risk while still positively promoting opportunity and mission.

Award Criteria Rubric

Project or research should demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Principle: Demonstrates key aspects of the risk management process as outlined by ERM. (25 points)
  • Influence: Shapes knowledge, attitudes and behaviors influencing a particular risk, such that outcomes may inform decision-making, objectives and strategies.  Particular preference given to cross college or cross-disciplinary projects. (20 points)
  • Innovation: Develops or utilizes new techniques to cope with the risk or engage a community. (20 points)
  • Effectiveness: Takes actions that lead to measurable progress in impacting the risk or opportunity and/or culture directly. (20 points)
  • Scope: Addresses risks to individuals (e.g. addiction, bankruptcy, challenges of aging), groups (e.g. health disparities, incarceration) or populations (e.g. cybersecurity, privacy). All academic disciplines are eligible to apply. (15 points)

There will be an additional $200 award for the runner up. Complete submission per “Guidelines for GSGA Risk Management Award Submissions.”  

*Guidelines are adapted from the World Business Awards for Risk Management

CONGRATS TO The 1st winner was Nirmalya Thakur for $1,000.00 and 2nd place was Kiera Gazica for $200.00 

Spencer Risk Management Scholarship

The Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. recently introduced a new scholarship fund totaling US$100,000.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS)’s Atlanta Chapter donated the funds for the new scholarship, called the “RIMS Atlanta Chapter Scholarship.”
RIMS says that all monies received from the RIMS Atlanta Chapter will be used to award undergraduate scholarships of US$5,000 to Georgia residents pursuing an undergraduate degree in risk management or insurance.

The RIMS Atlanta Chapter Scholarship, a merit based scholarship, will be granted annually to awardees who meet all academic requirements of Spencer.
RIMS Atlanta Chapter has been a supporter of the Spencer Educational Foundation for 26 years, donating from the proceeds of its annual educational conference and golf tournaments.

Since 1980, more than US$2.6 million in scholarships and US$1.4 million in grants have been awarded to risk management students and universities.
In 2006, the Foundation awarded US$375,000 in scholarships and US$145,000 in grants.

Congrats to William Dale Fleming, University of Cincinnati, for being the 2019 winner!! 

2019 Announcements

  • UC Faculty, Staff or Unit(s):
    • ERM Champion
    • Best ERM Engagement
    • Best Practice for Loss Prevention
Best ERM Engagement - Jeffery Logsdon

Best ERM Engagement - Jeffery Logsdon

ERM Champion Award

ERM Champion Award - UC Central Travel Resources & UC International Programs

Best Practice in Loss Prevention - Laura Pinelo

Best Practice in Loss Prevention - Laura Pinelo