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Every year the CGSA organizes various social events like golfing, canoeing and
potlucks that are open to everyone in the department including students, faculty, staff
and friends. Just watch out for announcements and join us!



Planned Activites

International Potluck

The International Potluck will be held November 28th from 12:30-2. Students bring in a favorite dish to share with other students. This year, the two yummiest dishes will receive a free chemcats t-shirt!!


Speaker of the Year

The Speaker of the Year is an award the CGSA gives out to a scientist from industry or an academic institution. The Speaker of the Year is nominated and voted on by the CGSA members, and the awardee is brought to Campus in the spring semester and a colloquiem is held in his/her honor. This years Speaker of the Year is awarded to R. Graham Cooks, an analytical chemist from Purdue Uinversity. The colloquiems will be held on March 29th, 2013.

About R. Graham Cooks: His research is in the area of mass spectrometry. Professor Cooks and his group have successes that range from DESI to the Kinetic Method. I think it would be inspiring to hear him present on any of his research whether it is mini mass spectrometers to how he comes up with these amazing ideas. Several new types of mass spectrometers have been constructed in Prof. Cooks' laboratory, including hybrid sector/quadrupole instruments and advanced ion trap instruments. Our group has made significant contributions to the development of desorption ionization and tandem mass spectrometry as methods of analysis of complex mixtures. Development of the Paul ion trap and the construction of miniature ion trap arrays is the focus of an instrumentation effort, the practical aims of which include in-situ on-line analysis. 

He has published over 700 papers and is cited to many times to count (according to scopus). One of 4 most-cited Analytical Chemists in 1983. He is listed as one of the most cited chemists worldwide by the Hirsch Index, with an H-Index of 81. He has written or co-authored 10 books and holds 35 patents. He has consulted at various chemical companies, helped three companies start up, and was on the ICx Scientific Advisory Board from 2007 – 2009. He is co-editor of Annual Reviews of Analytical Chemistry 2010 – present and has sat on many paper’s editorial boards. He is currently Co-Director of the Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development at Purdue University. He has numerous past awards including: 1984 ACS Analytical Division's Chemical Instrumentation Award, 1985 Thomson Medal for International Service to Mass Spectrometry, 1990 and 1995 NSF Special Creativity Award, 1991 Frank H. Field & Joe Franklin Award, (ACS Award for Mass Spectrometry), 1997 Fisher Award (ACS Award for Analytical Chemistry), and the 2006 Distinguished Contribution in Mass Spectrometry Award. 


White Water Rafting

White water rafting is roughly planned for spring 2013, likely between February and April. More details to follow!




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