University of Cincinnati

Chemistry Graduate Student Association









Officers are expected to make decisions for activities, fundraisers, and policies for the CGSA. They are also
expected to assist the CGSA in partnering with staff and faculty to improve visibility of the Chemistry Department
across campus. Finally, they should encourage leadership skills and involvement with other graduate students.



The President is responsible for the organization named CGSA. This person is generally responsible
for mass emailing, scheduling, and oversees the other officers. The 2012-2013 President of the
CGSA is Robert Ross

The Vice President is responsible for any administrative duties deemed worthy by the
president. This person assists in organizing and advising various CGSA committees. The 2012-
2013 Vice President of the CGSA is Anu Adhikary.

The Treasurer should organize and distribute money for activities approved by the officers and
CGSA. The 2012-2013 Treasurer of the CGSA is Jinnan Zhang.

The Secretary is responsible for communicating the minutes of the meeting of officers and CGSA
meetings amongst the members and officers and in general facilitate communication. The 2012-
2013 Secretary is Tingting Wang.

The GSGA Representative is expected to attend the monthly GSGA meetings and report to the
CGSA any pertinent information. Other responsibilities include assisting the other
officers in the planning and executing of CGSA sponsored events and attending and contributing
to CGSA officer meetings. The 2012-2013 GSGA Representative of the CGSA is Tiffany Bell-
Horwath. She is also the Webmaster. Any questions or problems related to web design can
be directed to her at