About Us

Who we are.

We are a voluntary student organization at the University of Cincinnati and our members range from UC students to faculty, to Persians living in the Greater Cincinnati area. We were formed in 2004 and since then have been a solid member of the UC community by showcasing Persian culture and heritage in a multitude of events. These events have attracted diverse crowds from both on-campus and off-campus communities.

Our Mission.

Our primary goal is to introduce Iran – Its culture, heritage, history, people, landmarks … – to the UC and Cincinnati community and show them a face of Iran that they normally do not see in the mainstream media. We also aim to Bring Iranians living in Cincinnati together and to the best of our capabilities, provide support for this community.

We work towards this mission through the sponsorship and organization of various Persian cultural and social events. These events vary form Movie nights to celebration of Persian holidays to musical and theatrical performances by students and invited guests.

Join us!

Whether you are a student or non-student, a Persian or just a culture enthusiast, you can definitely find your dose of joy is our small community!


Music Division

The music of Iran has thousands of years of history, as seen in the archeological documents of Elam, one of the earliest world cultures, which was located in southwestern Iran. In ancient Persia musicians held socially respectable positions. Iranian music consists of : Persian Classical Music, Persian Symphonic Music, Folk music (Music of Azarbaijan (Azarbadegan, Iran), Kurdistan, Khorasan, Turkmen Music, Mazandaran), Traditional music , Pop music, Iranian rock and Metal music, Iranian hip hop and Rap music, Electronic music, etc.

The Persian Student Association at the University of Cincinnati aims to introduce Persian music to other nationalities and provide an opportunity to anyone who is interested in playing or learning Persian music. The group has had several practice sessions and performances since May 2011. If you are interested in learning or playing Persian music join us right now!

For more information contact:
Masoud Kaveh
Email: Masoud.kaveh83 at gmail.com

Dance Division

Persia is the home of the classical Persian dance and a wide variety of regional folk dances which are performed individually or in group settings. PSA’s dance groups consist of Persian UC students and non-students performing various styles of Persian dancing such as Classical peristaltic dance, Baba karam, local dances, etc. The groups have been performing at several Iranian cultural events in Cincinnati since April 2011. We are open to public and have a flexible practice schedules, so if you're interested in Persian dancing or theatrical performances, join us today!

For more information contact:
Parastu Kasiae
Email: p.kasaie at gmail.com

Art and Culture Division

With a long-standing and proud civilization, Persian culture is among the richest in the world. Two and a half millennia of inspiring literature, thousands of poets and writers, magnificent and impressive architecture, live customs dating back to Zoroastrians over 3000 years ago, and other unique characteristics of the nation are rivaled by only a few countries. Throughout the history, this grand treasure of Persia was gradually transferred to eastern and western nations. Iran's significant contribution into the world civilization in many respects is indispensable. Many ceremonies of the ancient Persians are the basis of western celebrations.

Among the ceremonies still being held are Norouz, Charshanbeh Suri, Sizdah Bedar and Yalda Night. Persian Student Association aims to introduce different aspects of Iranian culture, like Persian celebrations, the Farsi language and Persian art and cuisine to all UC students. If you are interested in knowing more about these activities or have any new ideas, join us now!

For more information contact:
Mohammad Rezvani
Email: rezvansd at mail.uc.edu

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