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ACE Awards 2006 - UC Cricket Club Awards for Cricketing Excellence.

Award Winner Performance
Best Cricketer
Vijay Sundaresan
Runs scored(1st), Average runs scored(1st), Wickets taken(2nd), Highest Score (1st), Wickets taken (1st), and 3 Man of the Match awards
Best Batsman Kailash Bhat Runs scored(2nd), Average runs scored(2nd), and 3 Man of the Match awards
Master Blaster Prasad Gopalkrishnan 115(68) vs Columbus CC [MCT 2006]
Most Memorable Batting Performance Vijay Sundaresan 114(79) vs Kentucky CC [Semi-Finals - 2006 Bearcat Invtnl.]
Best Bowler Kaustubh Shinde Wickets taken(2nd) and Economy Rate(1st)
Most Memorable Bowling Performance Vijay Sundaresan 7-0-40-5 vs Kings11 CC [2006 Champions Challenge]
Most Economical Bowling Performance Kaustubh Shinde 4-1-10-1 vs Shihab CC [2006 Bearcat Invtnl.]
Best Fielder Kailash Bhat Catches taken(1st)
Best "Clutch" Performance Ananthkrishnan GK 54(55) vs United CC [MCT 2006]
"Mr. UCCC" Award - Outstanding Team Spirit AnanthKrishnan GK and Kailash Bhat Played almost all games inspite of injuries, and schedule conflicts.
"Master Bluster" Award - Most Outrageous Batting Jaspal Singh vs Shihab, Tries to play a flick, while standing a couple of feet outside off-stump. Bowler bowls a straight ball to the stumps, gets him bowled.
Most Outrageous Bowling - -
"PRO DRO Award" - Most Outrageous Fielding Aniruddha Palsule vs Kings11, Vijay bowls an off-break (top-spinner) that out-foxes the batsman with bounce, who hits a half-hearted pull straight towards short mid-wicket (Andya). Andya crouches in a classical fashion to pouch this dolliest of all catches .... and misses it.
"PMS Award" - Practice Match Specialist Niranjan Deshpande Scored his personal best - 115 in a practice game. Scored more than 40 in ALL practice games. Has an average of 67.33 in practice games.
"I can't believe I did that" Award Ananthkrishnan GK vs Everest, Bowler bowls a simple flighted off-break with no pace or turn. Ananth straight drives the ball back to the bowler for an easy catch, stands on the crease for a few minutes wondering how the bowler out-foxed him, with the entire everest team, the runner (UC), and the umpires (UC) laughing, before returning to the pavilion.

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