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Team History.

University of Cincinnati Cricket Club (UCCC) was founded in 1988 by Anil Kotian, Chanaka and a handful of cricket enthusiasts, who were longing for cricket in this country. Now, the total members of this club have exceeded 50.

UCCC is proud to have one of the best cricket team in the league and it has worked hard to achieve this. It also has the distinction of being ranked perennial No.1 in Inter-Collegiate Cricket by CNN! This is validated by the fact that UCCC has won 9 cricket championships and has a near perfect regular season record in the past 17 years. UCCC is proud to boast of a well-maintained home ground which has a cement-concrete wicket and an equipment storage facility.

UCCC has been an active participant and contributor to the Midwest Cricket and Inter-Collegiate tournaments since 1989. Given below are some of the achievements from the past years.

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Tournament History.

Year Tournament Venue Result
1989 Inter-Collegiate Akron Champions
1990 Inter-Collegiate Akron Champions
1991 Inter-Collegiate Akron Quarter-Finalist
1992 Inter-Collegiate Akron Champions
Great Midwest U. of Michigan Champions
1993 Inter-Collegiate Akron Champions
Great Midwest U. of Michigan Champions
1994 Inter-Collegiate Akron Quarter-Finalist
Great Midwest Penn. State Runners-Up
1995 Inter-Collegiate Akron Quarter-Finalist
Great Midwest OSU Champions
1996 Great Midwest OSU Runners-Up
1997 Great Midwest OSU Quarter-Finalist
1998 Great Midwest OSU Semi-Finalist
1999 Great Midwest OSU Champions
2000 Great Midwest OSU Quarter-Finalist
2001 Midwest 2001 OSU Quarter-Finalist
2002 Midwest 2002 OSU Semi-Finalist
2003 Titan Cup 2003 OSU Semi-Finalist
2003 Midwest 2003 OSU Quarter-Finalist
2004 Titan Cup 2004 OSU Semi-Finalist
2004 Midwest 2004 ECC Quarter-Finalist
2004 Buckeye Invtnl. Cup 2004 OSU Champions
2005 Midwest 2005 OSU -
2005 Cincinnati Challenge 2005 VOA Semi-Finalist
2006 2006 Bearcat Invitational Cup VOA Semi-Finalist
2006 Midwest 2006 OSU -
2006 Cincinnati Cup 2006 VOA Semi-Finalist
2007 MOCL 20/20 Cup Stubbs Park Semi-Finalist
2007 MOCL 2007 Stubbs Park Semi-Finalist
2008 Delonti 20/20 Cup 2008 Columbus Semi-Finalist
2008 Midwest Cricket League Columbus Pre-Quarter Finalist
2009 MOCL VOA Semi-Finalist D-I
2010 Midwest Cricket Tournament Emerald Park Div-I Champions
2010 OICT Emerald Park Semi-Finalist
2010 UCC 20-20 OSU Semi-Finalist
2011 OICT Quick Fire 20/20 OSU Group Stage
2011 UCC 20-20 Quater Finalists
2011 MCT Divistion 1 Semi-Finalist