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05/23/2010 UCCC loses another Semi Final to CCC but had brilliant tournament.
05/22/2010 UCCC rides on Abhinav's brilliant all round performance to reach Semifinals defeating UCC.
05/16/2010 GDCC had no answer to Niranjan and Prahit Spin 2 Duo. UC defeats GDCC by 7 wickets to reach QF.
05/09/2010 Magnificent batting by Niranjan helps UC to come second in the group defeating CCI.Playoff starts next week.
04/26/2010 UCCC crushes cincinnati cricket club by 9 wickets and gains full points as EKUDCC forfeits the match.
03/24/2010 UCCC spring tournament begins on 25th March 2010. In all 9 teams would be participating in the tounament.Former UCCC players would be seen playing for various teams. This tounament helps UCCC to scout new talent. Please check the UCCC Spring Tournament link for more details.
03/24/2010 Nabil Hamadani was reelected as UCCC captain, Prahit Dubey as vice captain and Niranjan Deshpandey as selctor.The decision was unanimous. UCCC to play first match of season against coulumbus Indiana on 3rd April.
09/23/2009 Kentucky no match for UC's on going form. UC beats UKCC and EKUDCC in quickfire 2020.
08/31/2009 UC loses to GDCC in MOCL semifinal.
08/23/2009 UC tops elite playoff in MOCL. Will face GDCC in semifinal.
08/23/2009 MCT: UC finishes 5th in the group defeating UCC.
02/20/2009 Nabil Hamadani elected as the Captain for the 2009 cricket season.

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