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GSG Committees Description
Excellence Award Evaluation Committee Organizes Graduate Student Excellence Awards given out each year.
Group Grant Evaluation Committee Evaluates and makes decisions on how to distribute the group grants.
Research Fellowship Evaluation Committee Evaluates the research proposals submitted for review and awards the Research Fellowships.
Stipend Committee Complies data and drafts report to make recommendations on stipends paid to graduate students across various colleges.
Spring Ball Committee Plans, coordinates and executes the GSG Charity Spring Ball 
Planning/Event Committee Plans, coordinates and executes GSG social and cultural programs throughout the year. 


University Committees with Graduate Student Representation Description
Administrative Review Committee Jury duty in judicial affairs in cases concerning graduate affairs.
Bearcat Transportation System (BTS) Committee Advisory committee on BTS
Board of Trustees Governing body of the University of Cincinnati. The Board has a non-voting graduate student member who is appointed by the Governor of Ohio with the advice and consent of the State Senate.
Calendar and Examinations Committee Advisory board on making decisions on the UC calendar.
Capital Advisory Committee  
Diversity Council Diversity Council
Emergency Fun Committee  
Faculty Senate Governing body for the faculty.
Fiscal Coordinating Committee Fiscal Coordinating Committee
Graduate Council  
IT Council IT Council
Library Committee  
Naming Committee Naming Committee
President's Cabinet President's Cabinet
Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB) SACUB