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In addition to Group Budget Awards and Group Grant Awards, the GSGA administers Conference Travel Awards, Excellence Awards, and Research Fellowships.

These awards are to be used for events or purchases that a GSA deems necessary for community building amongst their constituent graduate students.

Every semester these awards are to be used for academic events hosted by graduate academic groups to impact the wider student population.

These awards are to be used for academic conference travel for both presenting and non-presenting graduate students. All graduate students may apply each fiscal year for up to $500 in funds. 

Every year the GSG awards outstanding graduate students in various programs in recognition of their academic excellence. 


The research fellowship is a competitive award to assist graduate students in furthering their research endeavors. 


Established in 2017, the Presidential Medal of Graduate Student Excellence (PMGSE) is a prestigious honor awarded by the university president to exceptional graduate students who are graduating from their master's or doctoral program.