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Conference Travel Awards

Starting May 1, 2019, the GSG will accept Conference Travel Award application materials (including pre-travel authorization form) ONLY through E-mail.

All application material must be sent only to the GSG Treasurer (

This does not apply to CECH and CEAS students.


The GSG Conference Travel award is provided to financially assist deserving graduate students present their research at a conference or attend a conference or workshop to develop their professional skills. A graduate student can receive a maximum of $500 in conference related travel awards from the GSG per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th).

There are two types of Conference Travel Awards: Presenter and Non-Presenter.

The Presenter award is for students who wish to present their research at a conference/workshop (poster/paper/oral presentation).  A student can receive up to a maximum of $500 per conference/workshop.

The Non-Presenter award is for students who wish to attend a conference or research-related workshop or research-related seminar, etc. A student can receive up to a maximum of $200 per conference/workshop/seminar. 

Please contact the GSG treasurer <> with any questions. 



While the process above applies to most of our graduate students, we are transitioning our existing system of travel awards to a more comprehensive and collaborative approach with each college across our different campuses. If you are a student in CEAS or CECH, please follow the same procedure to complete your application but kindly submit your documents only to the business officers from your corresponding college to avoid processing delays.