COVID-19 Updates:

Group Budget Awards

Starting May 1, 2019, the GSG will accept Group Budget Award Reimbursements ONLY through E-mail.

All application materials must be sent only to the GSG Treasurer (

These awards are to be used for events or purchases that a GSA deems necessary for community building amongst their constituent graduate students.

Every GSA is entitled to a fixed amount each year, based on their student enrollment. The GSG Vice-President is in charge of allocating this amount to each of the groups, as well as notifying each group of their funding amounts.

There is no pre-approval required to use these awards. Groups can use their budget award in a single amount or as several smaller amounts throughout the GSG fiscal year. Group Budget Awards have no bearing on individual student awards.


For any questions or if you are unsure about award complainance, please contact the GSGA Treasurer <>.