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GSG Member Groups

GSGA representatives at the Homecoming Parade

The GSG is the governing body of all academic-based Graduate Student Associations (or “groups”) at UC. All graduate students in UC are automatically members of their corresponding GSAs depending on their area of study.

There are 36 different GSAs registered under GSGA. All GSAs must register with both the GSG and with Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD). There can only be one graduate group per program registered. Several programs may be combined under one GSA.

GSGA registration helps secure funding for GSAs (see Group Budget Awards and Group Grant Awards) and their graduate student constituents (see Student Awards). GSAs can create programs for their students using these funds.

Each GSA must send a representative/officer to attend the monthly GSGA General Assembly meetings in order to maintain its membership in the GSG. 


Incoming Officer Orientation

September 7th 
African American Cultural & Resource Center (AACRC)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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