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The University of Cincinnati is home to more than 10,000 graduate students in 350 graduate degree and certificate programs. Graduate students play a critical role in the University of Cincinnati's status as a comprehensive research-intensive university.

Life is hard. There is a lot of stress, pressure and a lot of “adult responsibilities” that students must tackle every day. We all need an excuse to break away from the monotony of life for a day, let our hair down.

Through its programs, the GSG provides opportunities for graduate students that promote academic excellence, enhance the student community and also provide leadership and service opportunities to all graduate students.

Some of our signature events are described below. Apart from these the GSG organizes Professional development workshops in collaboration with the Graduate School, other social events such as the Thanksgiving Dinner, Trivia Night, Soccer Tournament and many more enjoyable events that bring the graduate student community closer.

More information on upcoming events organized by the GSG will be updated shortly.

Spring Ball

The GSG Charity Spring Ball was introduced in 2018 to celebrate graduate students’ achievements throughout the academic year and promote the values of diversity and inclusiveness. A formal black-tie event, with a different theme every year, the charity ball features musical entertainment, speakers, a three-course meal and the presentation of the GSG Excellence awards. Proceeds from the ball go to different charities as decided by the General Assembly.

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GSG Spring Ball 2018

Halloween Party

One of the most popular events organized by GSG, the Halloween party serves to provide a cheerful event for Graduate students to socialize and interact with the rest of the community. Graduate Students dressed in a wide variety of costumes along with their families enjoy a buffet, participate in a costume contest, experience a photobooth and participate in a raffle!


GSG Halloween Party

Welcome Back Party

Every Year, at the beginining of the Fall semester, the GSG organizes it Welcome Back Party to welcome all incoming students, transfer students, and current students back to campus for the Academic Year. At the welcome, students have an opportunity to network with other students and connect with resources available to them in an atmosphere full of culture, music, fun, and free food!

GSG Halloween Party

Grad Cafe

A social mixer event where Graduate students have the opportunity to socialize with their fellow graduate students, enjoy some breakfast and learn about campus resources at every meeting. Guest speakers from different places at UC are invited to interact with Graduate students.

GSG Halloween Party