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2008 University Honors Excellence in Teaching Award: Jane Carlin

Jane Carlin

The University Honors Program proudly presented the 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award to Jane Carlin, Senior Librarian and Department Head for the Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Library.

Jane has had an incredibly positive impact on student learning at UC and within the University Honors Program. Jane has channeled her creativity and passion into developing exceptional learning opportunities for her students. She has integrated experiential learning into each of her honors courses and, from this, her students have benefited tremendously.

The honors seminars that Jane has taught over the years include “The Printed Page: Victorian to Virtual”, in which the class traveled to the United Kingdom, “Music, Art, and thought in Medici Florence,” in which the class traveled to Italy, and most recently “William Morris and His World.”

Jane co-taught each of these classes with other outstanding honors faculty members – Cindy Damschroder, Stephanie Schlagel, and Barbara Wenner. These collaborations provided students with rich learning experiences and are examples of what honors education is all about.

In learning about this recognition, Jane’s former students jumped at the chance to offer their words of support and recognition.

Alexandra Mutch said “After taking ‘William Morris and His World’ with Jane, I found how caring and passionate she was about the students she taught and touched. She truly values her students and wishes to help them to learn and grow. Her resourcefulness is immeasurable. She is so passionate about art, books, and book art that it spreads easily to others. This great recognition is truly earned.”

Kim Bauer shared these thoughts with us - “I met Professor Carlin during the Honors Seminar ‘The Printed Page’. I was always impressed with Jane's enthusiasm for British culture and always appreciated her efforts during class to bring London "home" for us. Her understanding of British customs and insight into British life were indispensable while traveling in London. Her punctuality for our appointments at various facilities and libraries is of a level I can never hope to achieve. Jane, thank you for your enthusiastic teaching, for sharing the British culture with our class, and helping to guide us through "William Morris's England." I will always have warm memories of London and a ‘cupboard’ full of tea! Wishing you the best at the next step in your career!”

Katherine Cummins had the opportunity to take the “Music, Art, and Thought in Medici Florence” course with Jane. Katherine said, "as a final component to the class, the class traveled to Italy together. I immediately fell in love with Jane; she was so kind and that characteristic smile drew me in and made me feel comfortable, as I was one of the only first-years in the class. Jane’s teaching style is one that was not only engaging and humorous, but thought provoking, and insightful. With her slides and lecture, Jane gave us the information needed to maximize the efficiency of our hands-on learning while in Florence. But it was not just what she taught us academically; I’ve never seen her mad or unhappy. She’s always smiling, ready and eager to help anyone who asks. She is deserving of this award because of that."

Katherine went on to say, "her unstoppable drive is to help and teach; she is like Chaucer's clerk, 'gladly would he learn and gladly teach.' Her willingness to help, her compassion towards others, her generosity of spirit - are exceptional. Simply put, she brings joy and life into any setting she enters. she's a great teacher and person."

Shortly after being recognized with this award, Jane embarked on a new chapter of her life at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, where she is now the Director of the Collins Memorial Library. We wish Jane the best in all future endeavors and are ever thankful for the mark that she has left on so many of our students.