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Kevin Grace

Kevin Grace

Kevin Grace is an exceptional individual and outstanding honors faculty member.  Kevin is the University Archivist and Head of UC’s Archives and Rare Books Library.  He is also an adjunct assistant professor in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, as well as for the University Honors Program.

University Honors student Ravi Grandhi took Kevin’s honors seminar Sport and Multiculturalism and said that Kevin “is passionate about teaching and has a unique ability to interest his students in any subject. He made me think. He asked thought provoking questions and elicited responses from the class. I often walked away from the course thinking and intellectually stimulated. Another thing that makes Professor Grace outstanding is his genuine care and concern for students - for their personal goals and genuine well‐being. Professor Grace goes over and above the call of duty to help his students and the university.”

Other students have provided powerful comments that also provide insight into the impact that Kevin has had:

Kathleen Forste said that "his classes enable students to expand their minds by providing various contexts and ideas to explore and analyze while helping students develop the ability to see previously unthought‐of connections between themselves and the world. I have yet to walk away from one of his courses unenlightened.”

And, Katherine Cummins said “As Walker Percy said in his essay, The Loss of the Creature, it is important for the professor to put things in different contexts and let students be sovereigns of their educational experience. Kevin Grace urged us to discover, to experience and to learn in a way not traditional of the classroom. The result: 17 students who now know how to construct a book, and who will be forever touched by a professor who truly cared about inspiring young minds.”