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2005 Honors Teaching Award Recipient: Dr. Todd Herzog

Todd Herzog.

Dr. Herzog is an Assistant Professor in the Department of German Studies in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. He was presented with the Honors Teaching Award at the 2005 Honors Graduation and Recognition ceremony.

Dr. Herzog has taught a number of Honors courses over the years, including a course titled "The History of Children’s Literature" in Autumn 2004. The students in that course gave Dr. Herzog a near-unanimous recommendation to receive the 2005 Honors Teaching Award. Not only were the students’ ratings of his overall performance very high, but they also revealed that the course was a perfect fit with the mission of the Honors Program and exemplified the hallmarks of an Honors special topics course

Specifically, we want Honors students to learn more deeply. One student assured us that: “I am leaving the course with a lot more knowledge than I even expected. It has really opened my eyes to a lot of themes in children’s books that I hadn’t ever thought about.”

Special topics courses are expected to involve a significant amount of discussion. It was in this area that Dr. Herzog's ratings were especially high. One student wrote: “Professor Herzog was an excellent teacher. He listened to every comment that a student had and did not discourage anyone’s individual opinion.” Another remarked: “He really … got involved in the materials with us.”

Of course, good teaching involves a positive relationship with the students. Dr. Herzog certainly won his students’ respect. One student said: “He is very knowledgeable on the subject. He had a very open mind during discussions and I feel like he treated us as people with valuable opinions and insights, not just as students who don’t know as much as their professor.”

In summary, as one student put it: “This professor cares deeply about his students, teaching, and learning. One of the best I have had in college.”