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Kathy Lorenz

Kathy Lorenze in Paris

Dr. Lorenz with students from "Contemporary Paris" honors seminar.

Educator Professor of French, Director of Curriculum
Romance Languages and Literatures
McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Comments from student nominators provide a window into Dr. Lorenz’s teaching and impact:

“It has been a great honor and blessing for me to be in Dr. Lorenz’s Contemporary Paris honors seminar. Traveling to Paris has forever been my dream and goal, and then my dream came true; I was granted an opportunity to learn more about the city with one of the best professors I have had in UC. There are many great professors here, and I have to say that Dr. Lorenz is among the most dedicated, most interesting and most knowledgeable. I have learned so much in the class: the culture, architecture, history etc. Also, Dr. Lorenz has a talent to make the class activities so unique. We did not just write papers; we cooked, drank, ate, watched movies, and I myself painted for my final project of the class. By allowing creativity to be a major aspect of her class, Dr. Lorenz has been an amazing professor. That being said, she truly deserves the Excellence in Teaching Award!"

-Anh Tran, Architecture, DAAP

“Dr. Lorenz is dedicated to helping her students learn as much as possible. I had a special situation last quarter, where I was unable to attend the Wednesday class sessions for Professor Lorenz's class. Professor Lorenz was willing to help me in my time conflict issue and met me outside of class every week on her own time to make up for what I had missed in class. I greatly appreciated this devotion to her students. Without her help I might not have been able to take the Contemporary Paris course and would not have been able to travel to Paris. With her help I was able to take the course and travel to Paris over spring break, an experience I will never forget.”

-Danielle Schiano, Fashion Design, DAAP