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Eric Maurer

Dr. Eric Maurer

Dr. Maurer is the Director of UC’s Center for Environmental Studies.  He earned his Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Kansas. His research interests focus on how environmental changes interact with and influence patterns of distribution and diversity and the evolution of species traits.

Dr. Maurer has channeled his creativity and passion into developing exceptional learning opportunities for students. He has integrated experiential learning into each of his honors courses and, from this, his students have benefited tremendously.

Dr. Maurer has taught for the University Honors Program since 2002, offering courses such as Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Human Dimensions of Global Climate Change and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability, which he co-taught with Dr. Dan Oerther.  This course involved a two-week study tour to India. Dr. Maurer also co-taught Galápagos: the History and Future of a Natural Laboratory with Dr. Ken Petren that included a two-week study tour to the Galapagos Islands. These collaborations provide students with rich learning experiences and are examples of best practices in honors education.

2008 University Honors alumna Jessica Deye said that “I took Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases with Dr. Maurer and loved every minute of it. He had a way of connecting with his students. We frequently did in class case studies that served as microcosms to the work of real infectious disease ecologists. His class sticks out in my mind more than any other I took in college. I learned not only about the diseases themselves, but valuable diagnostic and problem solving skills. Dr. Maurer creates a lasting impression on each of his students, and I am blessed to have been taught by him during my years at UC.”

Brad Stephens said “I can personally attest to his dedication and commitment to making a difference in everything he does. He put forth an incredible amount of effort to not only help make our project as effective as possible, but he also made sure that we had a genuine understanding of what we were doing. University Honors is truly blessed to have the leadership and knowledge of professors such as Dr. Maurer."

Melissa Ozarzak said “I loved Dr. Maurer’s infectious diseases class. He made it interesting to learn about communicable diseases. I remember doing case studies and learning about outbreaks and thinking to myself ‘I could be an epidemiologist in the field’. Being a nurse epidemiologist still is in the back of my mind, primarily because of Dr. Maurer's effectiveness as an educator and his ability to inspire.”

Nic Perry said "Dr. Maurer is an excellent teacher. His adept teaching skills are not bound by the walls of a classroom. To a large degree, the world is Dr. Maurer's classroom. I had Dr. Maurer as a professor for Ensuring Environmental Sustainability. During the quarter, Dr. Maurer gave several engaging presentations on ecology and the effects that we have on the environment. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the class, which had students from every major from business, to engineering, to biology, this required a great amount of skill to be able to communicate and stimulate the interest of this group of diverse students. During the two-week trip to India, Dr. Maurer continued to educate us in less formal conversations sharing his experiences and knowledge. Specifically, I will always remember riding the train from Mumbai to Dahod listening to him explain his research. Dr. Maurer is a professor that will help to inspire and educate many young people as he continues to excel in his teaching career."

Alison Begley said that "Dr. Maurer is truly passionate about his field and that translates in the classroom.  He cares about his students and has given us the tools we need to take initiative and change the world."