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2003 Honors Teaching Award Recipient: Dr. Terence Milligan

Dr. Miligan is a Professor of Music in the College Conservatory of Music (CCM). Dr. Milligan has taught an Honors special topics course titled "Music and Architecture." According to the many students who recommended him for the award, and the outstanding teaching evaluations that he has received, this course fit the mission of the Honors Program perfectly and exemplified the hallmarks of an Honors special topics course. In particular, his class was both in-depth and interdisciplinary.

One student wrote: "I really learned a lot about music and architecture. I believe I will use the skills I built in this class throughout life. I feel like I appreciate both much and architecture more."

Another remarked: "It tied together two things I was interested in and gave me new ways to look at them."

Dr. Milligan also employed a unique blend of teaching methods, including discussions, lectures, short papers, sketching, building activities and walking tours. As one student wrote, "He used many different teaching techniques so every kind of learner could benefit from the class. The course was very interesting. I loved it!"

Of course, good teaching involves a positive relationship with the students. Dr. Milligan certainly won his students' respect. One student says: "He's an excellent teacher and a good friend as well...he'll do anything to help his students." Another reports: "He's very approachable and will go the extra mile for you."

In sum, as one student put it: "He is an educated man capable of conveying knowledge and respect for the subject learned. He is honest, kind, and a noble teacher."