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Anthony Perzigian

Dr. Perzigian

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost for Baccalaureate and Graduate Education

The University Honors program proudly presents Dr. Anthony J. Perzigian with this Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Perzigian has been a strong supporter of the University Honors Program for many years. We are exceptionally grateful for this support and for his commitment to honors education at UC.

Dr. Perzigian has served as Senior Vice President and Provost for Baccalaureate and Graduate Education at the University of Cincinnati since 2000.  He also served in that post on an interim basis during 1994-96 and 1999-2000.  After completing his PhD in Anthropology at Indiana  University, Dr. Perzigian joined the faculty at the University of Cincinnati in 1970 as Assistant Professor of Anthropology.  Among his many positions at the University of Cincinnati during more than three decades of service, he has been Adjunct Professor of Anatomy, Associate Dean of the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Acting Athletic Director.  Dr. Perzigian is the chair of the OhioLINK Board of Governors, a Diplomate for the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, and a Curator at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History.  His research interests include forensic anthropology, dental anthropology, paleopathology, and human evolution.