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Constantine Polychroniou

Dr. Polychroniou teaching

Dr. Polychroniou leading a lesson during INTB3094

Marketing and International Business
Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Comments from student nominators provide a window into Dr. Polychroniou’s teaching and impact:

“When I think of the most rewarding class I have taken in college, I think of
Dr. Polychroniou’s Social Entrepreneurship honors seminar. Dr. Polychroniou led our collaborative class with University of Québec at Montréal through product development in order to create a prototype aimed at delivering a SROI (Social Return on Investment) in a foreign market. Dr. Polychroniou constantly challenged us to take one step further and our final projects reflected his effective guidance and coaching throughout this seminar.  Not only have I built valuable skills as a result of working on virtual, multicultural and multifunctional teams, but my class also got to explore the beautiful city of Montréal! Without Dr. Polychroniou, this class would not have been a success. His passion and dedication to our University, international busines, and his students has been truly inspiring.”

-Katie Mideli, Marketing, Lindner College of Business

“Coming from the College of Engineering and Applied Science I haven't taken many business courses, but I can say without a doubt that Constantine is by far one of the best professors over at Lindner Hall. Even beyond that, Professor Polychroniou is an invaluable asset at UC. The Social Entrepreneurship course that he has been leading for the past several years is a perfect example of the type of forward thinking he brings to our university. He's been leading this type of cross-disciplinary, project-based learning long before UC Forward came along. And outside the classroom he's equally as helpful. Always approachable, eager to help and extremely interested in your work, Constantine was always a great person to talk to. And of course his timeless expressions such as, ‘I can go bear hunting and not have to worry about you guys,’ just complete his character perfectly. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have participated in his Social Entrepreneurship course and to have worked with Professor Polychroniou. I know that this Excellence in Teaching Award is well-deserved and I know Constantine will continue having a positive impact at UC in the future."

- Remo Malarik, Biomedical Engineering, CEAS