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Carl J. Seliskar

Dr. Carl J. Seliskar

Professor of Chemistry
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
Director of the Center for Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

The University Honors program proudly presents Dr. Carl J. Seliskar with this Distinguished Teaching Award, in celebration of his 37 year commitment to excellence in teaching and honors education at UC. Dr. Seliskar began teaching honors chemistry in 1973. He was the 1999 recipient of the University Honors Excellence in Teaching Award. He has influenced and inspired countless students.

Upon learning that Dr. Seliskar would be recognized in this way, many students came forward to share comments about the impact that he has had on their lives. Here are just a few:

“I am so grateful to Dr. Seliskar for all the help and encouragement he has given to me. While his class challenged me, I feel that I am a better student having taken it. He has been one of my most influential teachers at UC thus far and I wish him the best.”
~Rachel Helping

"Dr. Seliskar continually propels students further into various subjects of chemistry with his intellectual, yet entertaining, lectures. I believe that he has inspired many students, including myself, to switch to a chemistry-related major or profession."
~Jeff Croker

“Dr. Seliskar is truly a unique professor who is deeply passionate about what he does - teaching chemistry to the absolute best of his abilities. He genuinely cares about his students and I feel honored to have had him as an instructor. Dr. Seliskar has taught me so much more about chemistry than I ever could have learned without his instruction and he deserves all the recognition in the world for all of his hard work.”
~Nadia Khan

"Dr. Seliskar, I consider it a blessing to have had you as a professor for the past two quarters.  There is no possible way I can repay you for the knowledge that you have bestowed upon my fellow classmates and I. Thank you so much for all you have done.  Enjoy your retirement!”
~Jacob Stegman