UHP Framework & Benefits

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UHP Framework:

The purpose of the University Honors Program is not to make you do more or harder work because you are an honors student. Rather, it is about finding meaning and gaining deeper learning in what you are already doing. It’s about discovering and diving into your passions. It’s about taking risks and trying new things inside and outside the classroom. It’s about applying your knowledge and skills in real-world settings. Finally, it’s about transformation - academically, professionally and personally.



Priority Registration

Beginning spring semester of the first year, UHP students register for classes before other students. This allows our students to craft their schedules so that they avoid time conflicts and take advantage of opportunities on campus and in the community.

Social Events

We host a number of events throughout the year. Try out our Homecoming Cookout, Speaker Series, professional network parties, or other festivities developed by our Community Ambassadors. Stay tuned to our listserv and social media for more.


From Welcome Retreat coordinators and leaders to peer leaders for Gateway, Honors Ambassadors, and Honors Council, students have a voice. They are a vital asset to the honors community; faculty, staff, partners, and students alike all listen.

Innovative Space

Renovated in early 2018, the honor suite now has all new furniture (beanbag chairs!), white-board walls, and a conference room. The classroom hosts a number of seminars and enables international web-conferencing.


Each student has their own University Honors advisor. UHP advisors work with you to develop your own individualized and flexible plan based on your unique interests, goals and passions. The goal is to maximize on what you already want from college.


We host a ceremony for all graduates where each student is honored individually and receives a medal to be worn at University Commencement. A designation also appears on your UC transcript.

Exclusive Opportunities

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