Students collaborating


A program for students dedicated to working collaboratively to solve the world's complex problems, on a local scale. Students will be given the opportunity to decide on a local issue, plan a project, and implement it within the community - igniting change with a lasting impact.

UHP IGNITE is a pre-approved experience open to those who are at least second year students in UHP.  

Why does it matter?

The vision of the University Honors Program is to develop students into global citizen scholars who lead innovative efforts toward solving the world's complex problems. UHP IGNITE will serve as a vessel for UHP students to exercize innovation while doing precisely what we set out to do - solve some of the most complex problems plaguing our society. It is our hope that through this program, students identify and live out their personal definitions of global citizen scholarship, learn how to best utilize the individual strengths of team members to achieve a common goal, actively work to solve a problem, and immerse themselves in the community in ways they may not have done before.


Especially in its inaugural year, UHP IGNITE will require an extensive time commitment from engaged students. Part of the responsibility of the first cohort will be to leave their mark on the effective design and executive of the program.

It is anticipated that students will dedicate nearly three hours of their time per week for two consecutive semesters. This could consist of any combination of group meetings, visiting community partners, planning, reflection, and other engagement.

In order to make an informed decision regarding the selected project of this cohort, a mandatory retreat will be held in the Cincinnati area from August 21-23, 2018.

Students receive one pre-approved experience for their first year in the program. The first year will consist of the three hour weekly time commitment during fall and spring, with minor touchpoints over the summer (via Skype, email, etc. as needed) to ensure sustainability of the project. If students continue on during a second year, they will receive another pre-approved experience, and will commit their time to mentoring the new cohort.

  • Students with planned co-op semesters or full-semester study abroad experiences should still apply to this program. The nature of your participation and scheduling will be discussed following interviews.

In order to ensure the completion of the pre-approved experience, students must:

  • Attend all weekly group meetings
  • Complete ongoing reflection
  • Present as a group at the Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase (April 2019)
  • Showcase the experience on their learning portfolios within one month of completion


April 27th, 2018: Application is due at 11:59 P.M.  

May 1, 2018: Applicants will be notified by this date. Applicants selected for interviews will need to find a time to interview. A Doodle Poll will be sent out.

April 19 - May 18th, 2018: Interviews will take place during this timeframe. Please notify us at UHPignite@gmail.com in advance if you have conflicts within these dates and we will work around it.


Email UHPignite@gmail.com