Spring 2018 Honors Seminars with Study Tours

Honors Seminars with Study Tours
Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
EVST3014 On the River: Experiencing the Brazilian Amazon
53447 TuTh 3:30-4:50pm Matter, Stephen
Shann, Jodi
The Amazon River basin is one of the largest, intact, tropical ecosystems in the world. This course offers students the opportunity to personally experience it and develop a passion for its sustainability. Students begin the semester preparing across disciplines for an immersion trip to the upper Amazon River. During the actual trip, students, instructors, and crew live on a boat that travels over 600 nautical miles along the river-­‐stopping to explore the flooded forests by canoe, and the upland, villages, and cities, on foot. On return, students will report on individual projects and use their journals for reflection.
HNRS3065 Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome: The Roman Experience
52289 Wednesdays 6:00-8:50pm Rassati, Gian
Swanson, James
In a weekly classroom meeting, this course introduces the students to fundamental concepts of art, architecture, and engineering focusing on an era in which they were three facets of the same product of human intellect. The students will also be introduced to cultural aspects of Italian history, lifestyle, and customs, to prepare them for the final activity of the class, a 10-day trip to Rome and Florence, Italy, where students will study and learn at significant sites and monuments in Roman history and Renaissance.
MUHS3061 Vienna as the City of Music 52101 MWF 10:10-11:05am Floyd, Eva
Kregor, Jonathan
The Austrian capital of Vienna proudly touts itself today as "Musikstadt Wien," or "Vienna, City of Music." This claim largely hinges on the presence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schoenberg, and dozens of other world-class musicians who called the city home between c. 1780 and 1913. This course examines these musicians - their compositions, writings, and other activities - against the changing artistic, social, and political climate of the "long" nineteenth century.