Students with the Bearcat at the Homecoming Cookout

UHPpride is an initiative focused on putting students at the center of the larger University Honors community. Throughout the year, we host exclusive events tailored to our students that align with themes such as the celebration of career and professional development, personal health and wellness, and diversity and inclusion just to name a few. By offering a number of different opportunities in collaboration with many faculty and campus partners, we aim to meet the individual interests and needs of all our students.

Events Scheduled for 2017-2018

Student presenting at the UHP Impact Forum

UHP Global Citizen Scholar Showcase and Incubator

The Showcase and Incubator event allows students to present and share about the seminars, pre-approved, and self-designed experiences they have completed and to brainstorm and hear about ideas for future experiences.

Graduate Pathways banner

Graduate Pathways

UHP is helping students who are considering graduate school. Whether you are a first-year student getting a head start on the process or a senior preparing your applications, we want to help you.


StrengthsFinder Events

University Honors has made steps to become a Strengths-based program to help students maximize their college experience by using their gifts and talents.