Employee Eligibility

The University of Cincinnati offers a wide array of benefits for you and your family.  Eligibility is based upon employee classification, FTE (full time equivalency) and other criteria.  Eligible employees are able to select from various levels of coverage in each plan.  Review the information below to help you Choose Well.  Refer to this Benefits Eligibility Chart for information pertaining to benefit coverage start dates for hires, rehires and status changes.

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Benefits Eligibility

Employees are considered eligible for UC Benefits* if they are:

  • Staff employee or visiting faculty with FTE of 75% or greater
  • AAUP-represented faculty member or a COM Geo-medical faculty member with FTE of 65% or greater
  • An annually appointed adjunct at 50% - 64% FTE (medical and flexible spending accounts)
  • Post Doc (medical, dental, flexible spending accounts)
  • Interns (medical only)

*Eligibility for UC's benefit plans varies by employee subgroup

Dependent Eligibility

A benefits-eligible UC employee may elect to enroll his/her spouse, domestic partner and/or children in UC's benefits plans.  For most benefit plans dependent coverage begins when employee coverage begins.

Learn more about dependent eligibility.

UC's Benefit Plans

Click on each benefit for detailed plan and premium information.

Eligible employees can choose the benefit plans that best suit their needs and their family’s needs. Complete Benefit Summaries for each employee subgroup are available here.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Account
  • Employee Life Insurance
  • Spouse/Partner Life Insurance
  • Child Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
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  • Critical Accident and Illness Plans
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Retirement Plans
  • Supplemental Retirement Accounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition Remission
  • Be Well UC
  • Rowe Loans
  • Employee Discounts

Benefits Enrollment and Activity

New Hire/Newly Eligible

  • You will use Employee Self Service (ESS) to enroll in UC’s benefit plans other than mandatory and supplemental retirement savings plans.
  • If you are enrolling in UC benefits for the first time, you* will be automatically enrolled in the following plans unless you make changes through ESS:
    • Medical - PPO Employee only
    • Dental - Basic Plan Employee only (or AAUP Basic Dental, if applicable)
    • Employee Life Insurance - One times annual base pay
    • Long Term Disability- No coverage
    • Personal Accident Insurance- No coverage
    • Flexible Spending Account (Healthcare or Dependent Care) – Not enrolled
    • State of Ohio retirement plans (OPERS or STRS) – Enrolled in applicable plan

*Eligibility for UC's benefit plans varies by employee subgroup.  Not all employee groups are eligible for the benefits listed above.

  • As a new hire or a newly eligible employee, you have 45 days from your initial eligibility date to make your enrollment decisions using Employee Self Service (ESS). You may waive participation in all plans other than Employee Life Insurance (employees must select a minimum of $5,000 coverage) and retirement plan.

Annual Enrollment

During UC’s Annual Enrollment period (normally each November), eligible employees have the opportunity to change their enrollment elections (within the terms of the plan).  If no changes are elected, current year benefits will continue into the next calendar year, with the exception of the Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts.  Employees must re-enroll in these plans each calendar year. 

For most employee groups, coverage begins on the first day of the month after 28 calendar days of employment.

For AAUP-represented faculty members, coverage begins on the appointment date provided the employee completes his/her online enrollment within 15 days of the appointment effective date. If the employee does not complete online enrollment by this date, coverage (default or otherwise) will be effective on the first day of the month following 28 calendar days of employment.

Enrollment in benefit plans (except mandatory and supplemental retirement plan) is through Employee Self Service(ESS).

Benefit elections remain in effect f as long as the employee remains an eligible employee of the university.  If employment is terminated or if the employee ceases to be eligible for any other reason, the employee's coverage will end.

The table below shows when an employee's coverage under each benefit plan ends if employment ends or if the employee is otherwise not eligible.  The table also shows options for coverage continuation, if any.


Coverage End

Options Available

Medical and Dental Insurance

Last day of the month in which employment ends


Employee Life Insurance           

Last day of the month in which employment ends

Portability or Conversion available if elected and premium paid within 31 days of coverage termination

Family Life Insurance

Last day of the month in which employment ends

Portability or Conversion may be available*

Flexible Spending Account

Last day of the month in which employment ends

Contributions may continue to the Health Care Account under COBRA on an after-tax basis.  No claims incurred after termination may be submitted for reimbursement, except if continued under COBRA

Health Savings Account

Last day of the month in which employment ends

Account value continues to be available for payment of IRS-qualified medical expenses

Long-term Care

Last day of the month in which employment ends or end of month in which last premium was paid

Billed-at-home policy available; contact carrier

Long-term Disability

Last day of active employment              


Personal Accident Insurance

Last day of the month in which employment ends

Coverage is portable

* Dependent/Family Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance can only be ported if employee coverage is ported.

Have More/Specific Questions?

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