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Dental Benefits

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), oral health touches every aspect of our lives but is often taken for granted.  UC offers a variety of dental plans* to help you and your eligible family members manage your overall health by getting the dental care that you and your family need.

Anthem is UC’s dental carrier. Our dental plans offer a choice of network and out-of-network coverage.  You receive a greater benefit when you use a provider who participates in the Anthem network (called Dental Complete in all 50 states).

*for most employee groups

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Plan Information

View dental plan options for AAUP Faculty and Non-AAUP employees.


Employee Contributions and Tiers of Coverage

UC pays for a significant portion of your monthly dental premium.  You can choose from four different coverage tiers: employee only, employee + child/ren, employee + spouse/domestic partner, employee + family.  Your cost can be found on the Employee Contributions page.  Please refer to the Benefits Eligiblity page for information regarding eligiblity.

Eligilbe employees who visit the dentist for a cleaning and exam can earn incentive points that can lead to cash rewards through Be Well UC!

Dental Plan Documents

Learn more details from the Anthem Dental Summaries of Benefits and Booklets.

Resources and FAQs

Dental Plan E-Learnings

View the video that provides an overview of the dental plans when it works best for you.

Anthem Engage

Compare medical and dental services and dentists based on quality, convenience and price.

Additional Dental Benefits Available

If you or your covered family members (on on of our dental plans) are expecting a baby or have diabetes you may be eligible for an extra free dental cleaning.  Contact Anthem Dental at the phone number on your Member ID card.


Have More/Specific Questions? 

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