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Spouse, Partner and Child/ren Life Insurance

Life insurance offers you the security of knowing your family has financial protection in the event of your death.  Life insurance is part of a good financial protection strategy.  UC’s life insurance options, offered through Minnesota Life Insurance, gives you the opportunity to tailor your choices to meet your needs with a variety of different levels of coverage so you can Choose Well.  

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Eligibility is determined by type of appointment and FTE (full time equivalency).

  • Staff or visiting faculty: FTE of 75% or greater*
  • Faculty member (AAUP-represented or COM Med Faculty): FTE of 65% or greater

The university offers life insurance for an employee’s spouse or domestic partner, and/or children.

If a family member dies while covered by one of these plans, the Plan pays the employee a benefit.

According to state insurance law, coverage for family members cannot exceed 50% of an employee’s life insurance.  For example, if an employee chooses $5,000 in coverage for him/herself, a $2,000 policy for his/her children can be elected but a spouse/r domestic partner cannot be covered.

∗Post Docs are not eligible for spouse/partner and child/ren life insurance.


Coverage Options: Spouse/Domestic Partner Life Insurance

Several Spouse/Domestic Partner Life insurance options are available:

  • Waive coverage (default option)
  • $25,000
  • $10,000
  • $5,000

If an employee elects "Waive Coverage" for family members at initial eligibility, the employee may elect only the lowest level of coverage  during the next Annual Enrollment opportunity.

Coverage Options: Dependent Child/ren Life Insurance

Several Dependent Life insurance options are available:

  • Waive coverage (default option)
  • $10,000
  • $5,000
  • $2,000

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The cost of coverage for eligible dependent children is the same no matter how many children are covered, up to age 19, or 23 if a full time student; up to age 25 if full time student and child of AAUP member.  It is your responsibility to notify HR when your youngest covered child reaches the maximum age.

If an employee elects "Waive Coverage" for family members at initial eligibility, the employee may elect only the lowest level of coverage during the next Annual Enrollment opportunity.

Beneficiary Information

The employee is the beneficiary for all family life insurance.


Employee pays full cost of spouse/domestic partner and dependent child/ren life insurance with after-tax dollars, through payroll deduction. Here is the 2017 rate worksheet / 2018 Employee Contributions page.

Important Information and Features

  • Portability:  If the employee is no longer eligible for coverage,   his/her dependents may be eligible to continue his/her in-force  Family Term Life insurance.  Premiums will be higher than those paid by active employees.
  • Limitations:  An employee cannot also be covered as a dependent; dependent child cannot be covered by more than one employee in plan.   No benefit paid if a covered family member dies as result of suicide within 24 months of effective date of coverage or change in coverage. Any additional or increased family coverage elected begins on the date of the qualified status change or the first day of the next plan year if elected during Annual Enrollment unless the spouse, domestic partner, or dependent is hospitalized or confined.  If the eligible spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child is hospitalized or confined due to illness or disease, coverage will begin on the date he/she is no longer hospitalized or confined.   Other exclusions and limitations also apply; see Life Insurance Policy for more information.
  • If both you and your spouse work for UC in a benefits eligible position - please note:
    • Only one spouse can elect Dependent Life Insurance and/or Personal Accident Insurance covering the same dependent children.
    • Neither of you can elect spouse Life Insurance (as both of you are covered with Employee Life Insurance).

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