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Leave Donation FAQs

What is the Leave Donation Program?

  • The Leave Donation Program is a voluntary program designed to relieve UC employees from the hardship of an extended absence from work when leave balances have been exhausted. This policy does not replace or alter normal applicable rules on sick leave usage.

May paid time-off be donated from any/all accruals?

  • Only vacation time may be donated.

Who is eligible for the Leave Donation Program?

In order to be eligible for Leave Donation, a recipient must:

  • Be a UC employee whose appointment makes him/her eligible to accrue sick and vacation.  
  • Have been employed by UC for at least one year.
  • Provide a Certification of Health Care Provider form certifying that he/she has a serious medical condition.
  • Have exhausted all leave balances (short term sick, long term sick, vacation and compensatory time) and placed on a Leave of Absence Without Pay for a minimum of 80 hours.
  • Not be receiving or eligible to receive disability benefits, disability retirement or regular retirement. 
  • Not have been counseled or disciplined for an attendance violation within the past year.
  • Not absent due to a work related injury or illness.
  • AAUP represented faculty are not eligible to receive donated vacation time due to eligibility for leave days from the Faculty Sick Bank, but may donate vacation time to the Leave Donation Bank upon submission of a waiver form and acknowledging ineligibility to receive donated time. Waiver forms are available by emailing your request to

To whom can I donate vacation time?

  • Vacation time is donated to a Leave Donation Bank.  Donors cannot designate to whom donations are made.  Eligible individuals will receive a pro-rata share of any available donated time when donated time is processed.

What else should I know about the Leave Donation Program?

  • Donations must be a minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 40 hours of vacation time.
  • The donor must retain a minimum of 240 hours of combined leave (includes all sick, vacation and compensatory time) in his/her time off work banks as of the date of donation, not including the number of hours donated.
  • Donated leave may not be paid from a federal grant. 
  • All donations made are irrevocable and irreversible.

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