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Workers' Compensation Information

Workers' Compensation may provide coverage for medical expenses and compensation for loss of pay resulting from absences due to work-related injuries or illness.

Environmental Health and Safety Advisory 12.2 outlines the work-related injury or illness process.

Advisory 12.2 outlines the steps to:

  • Receive prompt medical treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Report incidences of work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Report time off from work due to work-related injuries and illnesses, and to promote the efficient return to work.
  • File Workers’ Compensation claims.
  • Provide a means for identifying the corrective measures that will prevent future occurrences.


  • Notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Report to University Health Services (UHS) for medical treatment during business hours or the closest emergency room after hours.
  • Inform the medical provider at the time of treatment that this is a work-related injury.
  • Complete a UC Initial Report on Work-Related Injury or Illness form [A-1352(a)] with your supervisor within 24 hours.
  • Call UC Human Resources at (513) 556-6381 for workers' compensation information.

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