Retirement Benefits

The University of Cincinnati supports the efforts of faculty and staff in planning a fulfilling, financially secure retirement.  The university offers a wide array of retirement options to help you meet your financial goals.

Retirement program eligibility is based upon your appointment type (faculty, staff or student) and your full time equivalency (FTE). The two state-mandated retirement programs are the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) and the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).  The Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) is available to eligible employees in lieu of OPERS or STRS.

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If you are newly hired, you have a limited period of time to make your retirement plan election(s).  Learn about your options here.


Learn more about UC's retirement plans including OPERS, STRS, the Alternative Retirement Plans, grandfathered plans as well as the mitigating rate.


Enhance your retirement plan savings through voluntary contributions to a Supplemental Retirement Account.

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It's never too early to begin thinking about retirement.  Learn more about planning no matter where you are in the process.


Read about retirement plan options and requirements for student employees.


A guideline to help retiring faculty and staff successfully navigate through the UC and retirement plan requirements.

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Learn more about the retirement system guidelines for retirees returning to public employment who are currently receiving benefits.


Check out Be Well UC, our employee wellness program, which offers financial and retirement education programming so you can Save Well.


Answers to frequently asked questions about retirement benefits for separated employees.

Have More/Specific Questions?

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