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Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP)

The Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) is an alternative to OPERS/STRS for eligible faculty and staff. It provides a retirement investment program but does not offer benefits (i.e., health care or disability coverage) after retirement like OPERS/STRS.  In order to be eligible to participate in the ARP, your appointment must be 100% FTE. 

New employees have a deadline of 120 days to make their election to the ARP if their election is not made within 120 days of  the start of their employment they will be defaulted to the applicable state system.

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Alternative Retirement Plan Options:

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Mitigating Rate Information

Staff contribute 10% of their eligible salary each pay period to the ARP account, which is deducted on a pre-tax basis. The university contributes 11.56% of the staff member's eligible pay to his/her ARP account based on 11.56% of his or her salary and 2.44% to OPERS to finance unfunded liabilities. 

Faculty contribute 14% of their eligible salary each pay period to the ARP account, which is deducted on a pre-tax basis to the retirement plan. The university contributes 9.53% of the faculty member's eligible salary to his or her ARP account plan 4.47% of eligible salary to STRS to finance unfunded liabilities.

Visit the Mitigating Rate page for more details.

At Separation of Employment/Retirement

You are eligible to take a distribution from your ARP account following your separation of employment or at retirement. You must contact your ARP provider(s) to initiate a distribution. UC HR is required to authorize your distribution and will do so only after 30 days have passed since your final payroll deduction. 


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