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Eligible Individuals

Eligible Dependents (of an eligible employee):

  • Legal spouse
  • Same or opposite sex domestic partner
  • Unmarried child. For this purpose, child means (1) a biological child, (2) a stepchild, (3) an adopted child/or child legally placed for adoption, (4) or child for whom the employee has been appointed legal guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Verification documents are required.  Children must be the employee's tax dependent in order to be eligible.

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Eligibility Information

View the Tuition Remission Information chart, which summarizes the tuition remission benefits.

Tuition Remission Elgibility

Benefit Description

Courses may be taken toward a degree through undergraduate, graduate or professional degree-granting programs at UC.  Tuition remission is not available to dependents (spouse/domestic partner/children) for specific programs in the Colleges of Law (JD), Pharmacy or Medicine.

Tuition remission may be taxable. Please visit the Tuition Remission and Taxes page for additional information. 

Courses must be taken for credit; audited courses are not included other than for AAUP-represented faculty.

Students are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order for continued tuition remission eligibility.

Students must be admitted to the university through the standard application process.  Tuition remission does not pay admission fees. Refer to for additional information. 

Students are responsible for paying any difference between the university's approved tuition remission benefit and the total fees assessed. Late fees will apply to student bills not paid on time. Late fees are not covered by tuition remission and will not be waived.

An employee or dependent cannot receive tuition remission as both employee and dependent.

Course Attendance

Courses should normally be taken outside of your regular working hours.  Refer to Labor Relations website for applicable policy information.

Course work must not interfere with the completion of your job duties.

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