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UC Total Rewards

The University of Cincinnati is committed to offering a competitive compensation, benefits and advancement opportunities that maximize our ability to recruit, retain, reward and motivate highly-qualified and diverse faculty and staff.

Puzzled about your UC Benefits?  Visit the Webinars and E-Learnings page for short videos that overview each benefit opportunity.

The University of Cincinnati is committed to managing pay, benefits, and career-related services in a way that:

  • Provides employees with accurate information in a timely way.
  • Is helpful, efficient and effective.
  • Respects employee confidentiality and meets the highest levels of integrity.
  • Puts decision making responsibility in the hands of employees to choose appropriate benefits and services for their own situation and needs.

Total Compensation is viewed as a comprehensive total rewards package, which includes base pay and fringe benefits, such as medical/ hospitalization, accident, life insurance, retirement benefits, bonus plans, and time off (vacation, leaves). As total compensation is comprised of both compensation and benefits, it is important to understand the university’s compensation philosophy and benefits philosophy.


Total Compensation Philosophy and Guiding Principles

Pay Philosophy

Base pay for all unclassified positions is based upon the market (internal and external) as well as an individual’s performance. Base pay for classified positions is governed by University rules and/or covered by a specific bargaining unit agreement (paid at least the published minimum of the pay range or pay band for their position classification).

Pay Guiding Principles

The University of Cincinnati strives to pay employees in ways that reward contribution, recognize quality performance, and encourage growth and development:

  • Pay is designed to recruit and retain excellent faculty and staff.
  • Periodic increases in salary are based upon work performance and economic conditions.
  • UC recognizes internal and external market conditions. 
  • UC does not practice, or tolerate, unlawful discrimination in pay.
  • Base pay is the primary way in which UC offers compensation.
  • Base and variable pay may be combined to meet the needs of individual units.
  • Primary responsibility for determining pay rests with the Compensation Department, Provost Office, VP or VP designee, depending on the particular position.
  • UC’s pay practices will be administered consistently, financially responsibly, and in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.  

Benefits Philosophy

The University of Cincinnati believes that a healthy and secure workforce is best able to contribute to the accomplishment of the university’s mission.  The university provides an array of comprehensive and competitive benefit programs for its employees and their families to help address their differing needs throughout the various stages of their university career.

Benefits Guiding Principles

The University of Cincinnati will deliver an employee benefits program that:

  • Provides flexibility over the design and cost of benefits in order to deliver the highest quality at a reasonable cost for both the individual and the university.
  • Reflects principles of sound financial management, fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance and administrative efficiency at all times.
  • Is communicated effectively to promote full understanding and value.
  • Encourages employees to access available resources, ask questions, and seek counseling for optimum selection and utilization of their benefits relative to their individual situations.  
  • Supports wellness, work-life balance, and lifelong learning.
  • Promotes consistency in availability of benefits coverage among employee groups.