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Be Well UC Stories

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The smallest step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life.

We know there is no one way to get toward living a life that is well. The best part of wellness is being empowered to make changes and to feel successful as you work to be the best you. Celebrate the steps you're taking, like these colleagues are.  Check out their stories and accomplishments - we hope they inspire you too!

How Your Colleagues Choose To Be Well

"My retirement plans include gardening, hiking, and biking.  I feel better and have more energy when I eat healthy and include walking and stairs in my daily routine.  Be Well UC provides excellent resources and encouragement to make healthy food choices and to keep moving!"

Susan Poulos - Government Cost Compliance

Road with motivation to start

“Every night after dinner my family takes a walk, no excuses.  I want my son to grow up learning healthy habits. It is my favorite part of each day.”

Tricia Yee - University Honors Program

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"Since I have been working at Uhall and on campus, I take full advantage of taking breaks by walking outside and enjoying the grounds of UC. UC has very nice walkways and it's so big you can take a different route every day if you wanted to."

Pam Chin - CECH Dean's Office

"Science is hard mental work, but doesn't get the body moving. I push my body through working with horses and medieval armored combat. This summer I combined my favorite activities by learning to joust."

Elizabeth Kopras - Translational Pulmonary Science Center

"Being that my job requires me to sit for the majority of the day, I end up becoming fatigued and complacent just from sitting around the office. I’ve found that visiting the Rec Center at Care/Crawley each day on my lunch break, for an impactful 40 minute workout, gives me the energy to power through the rest of the day."

Mike Williams – HR: Staff Success Center

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