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Campus Recreation Staff

“There were definitely a few challenges that we each thought were unachievable or nervous about...”

Campus Recreation Staff, West Campus

Fifteen staff members at Campus Recreation recently completed their inaugural 8 for 8 Club challenge.  For about 4 weeks, this team competed to finish at least 8 health and wellness activities relating to multiple aspects of wellness, like healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, and connecting with other staff members.

CRC Staff Members with 8 for 8 Club Shirts

Some of the activities to choose from were:

  • Drink 88 oz. glasses of water in a day
  • Talk to a student or staff member for 8 minutes
  • Have less than 8 emails in your inbox
  • Swim 8 laps in the pool
  • Walk or run 1 mile (8 laps) on the track
  • Eat 8 servings of fruits and vegetables in 2 days

Each participant tracked his/her progress on his/her challenge board shown below.  Stickers were proudly placed for each finished task.  Collectively, this team completed over 130 healthy challenges, and at least 10 participants were granted their 8 for 8 Club shirt to showcase their accomplishments.  They were also rewarded 40 Be Well UC points to log towards their cash incentive with the University’s employee wellness program.

Emilie Fleming, the Assistant Director of Member Services, created this challenge for her team to relate with current and prospective members.   Campus Recreation offers a program called Rec Rewards to all benefits-eligible UC employees, which began in January 2014.  Faculty and staff members who enroll can receive a monthly membership discount if they visit the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) or Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley (FC) at least eight (8) days each month.  UC employees who are enrolled in Rec Rewards can also get their own shirt for the honorary 8 for 8 Club if they visit either facility 8 days each month for 8 months in 2018.

8 for 8 Club Challenge Board

About 45% of the 907 employees enrolled in Rec Rewards receive the $26.66 monthly reimbursement.  Emilie and her team noted these results, and wanted to demonstrate that, even as staff members, they work towards their own wellness, and have their own victories and challenges.  This was the purpose of the staff initiating their own 8 for 8 Club challenge.  “There were definitely a few challenges that we each thought were unachievable or nervous about, like only 8 emails in your inbox or attending the Quick Fit class taught by one of our co-workers and a former college football player.” shared by Associate Director, Emily Piercey.  She also mentioned that conversations were started with her colleagues about their own experiences whether successful or challenging with the 8 for 8 challenge.

All in all, this was a mighty win for the Campus Rec staff to come together, encourage one another to try new things, and invest in their own wellness.  While this challenge was based on each person’s participation, Kim Schmidt, the Director of Campus Recreation, shared that the camaraderie and connection created among their staff is what she and many others enjoyed the most.

Visit the UC Employee Rec Rewards Reimbursement Program page to learn more about this reimbursement opportunity and the 8 for 8 Club.  Be Well UC, the employee wellness program, is proud to promote and support the Rec Rewards Program and encourages employees to give it a try.  There are many ways you can connect your Be Well UC Program participation to Rec Rewards and physical activity, such as using your Be Well UC Incentive to help cover your costs for the Rec! Check out the Be Well UC’s Incentive page to get connected and rewarded with even more (up to $300)!

What's your plan?

Make time for wellness -whatever time you can - and you'll start to see the benefits.  We all have our barriers, but also all have our motivations.  What are yours?

We are so proud to have the CRC staff helping us to build a culture of health and wellness on campus! Interested in helping to promote programming, encourage participation in challenges and lead by example?  Join our team of Wellness Ambassadors by submitting an application today!


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