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Corrections Institute

"Supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours."

Teamwork makes the dream work they say, and that definitely seems true for our colleagues in the UC Corrections Institute. Nearly 100% of the Corrections Institute team has participated and earned incentives from Be Well UC and they are seeing the benefits of doing so.

Corrections Institute Team Photo

The team’s wellness ambassador, John Schwartz, has been on the wellness team since 2015. John is one of four other ambassadors within the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services. The four ambassadors collaborate often to keep CECH faculty and staff well informed of Be Well UC programming and to make sure faculty and staff are able to work wellness activities into their everyday work routines. For the Corrections Institute, John added wellness as a standing agenda item to the team’s monthly meeting and participates in Be Well UC programming alongside his colleagues.


The Corrections Institute staff often lean on their colleagues for support and accountability in their wellness activities. Frequent email reminders from John, reviewing their progress towards their goals, and challenging each other to continue working toward the incentives helps keep everyone on track. John takes time to check in with his team and encourages participation in upcoming events on campus.  John also elicits feedback from the Institute staff and encourages them to engage with the new Alyfe portal and Be Well programming in order to make suggestions for improvement.

Since many of the Corrections Institute staff travel frequently, they utilize many of the Be Well UC online resources, such as the meal planning and Ask a Dietitian or Trainer sections on the Alyfe portal. These options as well as the Pop Up points and Workshops has allowed each person to tailor their Be Well experience. Several staff noted the new Alyfe platform (launched in January 2018) has made participating much smoother, especially when out of town. The team also shared that planning ahead and scheduling time for wellness before a daily schedule gets too cluttered has helped to be sure that some time each day is spent on addressing personal needs.

Be Well UC is proud of the dedication and efforts of the Corrections Institute. The staff consistently makes wellness activities a priority, earning incentives, and being creative with their individual programming sets a great example for all of us. Their team atmosphere is full of support, encouragement and accountability, inspiring each other to make personal wellness a priority in their hectic daily schedules.

Should you wish to either get more involved with your own Be Well UC experience or to serve as a Wellness Ambassador, please reach out to the Be Well UC team at


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