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Fannie Courtier

"I have always liked walking....and was motivated to walk more by Be Well UC."

I would like to tell my story of walking for health and fun.

I have always liked walking, hiking and backpacking.  We take vacations to hike in National Parks and have always enjoyed the outdoors.

I started walking every day this spring and was motivated to walk more by Be Well UC. I wanted to feel better, have more energy and lower my cholesterol.

Working up to a goal

I did a few 5K walks for fun and charity. I kept walking every day at lunch or after work. I felt better each month. I kept walking and made a goal to walk the Blue Ash Dash 5K Run/Walk. I competed in the UC Blue Ash Run/Walk as a walker and won the walk division.

My second goal was to complete a half marathon in October with my daughter Sarah in Loveland, my home town. I trained by doing longer walks on the weekends with my dog and with friends. It took real commitment to do the 8 to 10 mile longer walks on the weekend. I accomplished my goal of 13.1 miles on October 17th, 2015. My daughter and I both completed in the Loveland Half. I won my age division in the Loveland Half Marathon.

I have enjoyed participating in the “Be Well UC Program.” I have also been inspired to do more to improve my health and wellbeing by being active. To the right are photos of the Blue Ash Dash with Dean Cady Short-Thompson and the Loveland Half Marathon with my daughter Sarah Preston.

What's your plan?

Fannie's story shows how taking something you enjoy and increasing the intensity, distance or duration can help you to reach goals you may not have thought you could reach.  Telling loved ones what you're working on and including them in the plan are two great ways to achieve your goals and have a bit more fun in the process.  And - getting some "bling" (2 x age division winner!) doesn't hurt either!

Whether it's walking, slowing down to work in mindfulness or restructuring how you do your finances, find what is going to help you work toward wellness and make smaller goals to get you to that big one! 

We hope you'll find the resources throughout the Be Well UC pages on a variety of wellness topics: Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well, Move Well and Save Well.  Check out our pages to find ways to work on your wellness and be your best self!

We are so proud to have Fannie on our team of Wellness Ambassadors, helping us to build a culture of health on campus! Make sure to say hi to them when you see them around campus!

Fannie Courtier with Daughter Sarah Preston
Fannie and Cady


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