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Lori Beth & Brady

For two of our Wellness Ambassadors, Wellness is a family affair.

Lori Beth Derenski's son, Brady Smith, had no say in the matter - wellness was going to be a part of his upbringing.  Lori Beth ran her first 5K when she was just 10 weeks pregnant with Brady, and they've been running together ever since.

Lori and Brady Race Photo
Lori race photo
Lori and Brady Race photo

Lori Beth's Story

At the gentle insistence of my ob/gyn (actually he said he wouldn’t be my doctor if I continued to smoke), I quit smoking cold turkey.  I started walking slowly and building up endurance until I could actually run.  This resulted in my first 5k when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Brady.  I kept up the running off and on throughout the years but became rededicated in 2012 when Brady came home from the Army.  It also was a way for me to help cope with the death of my Dad.  Thus our commitment to 5k’s per month began. 

We really do have so much fun together.  I consider it a blessing!

Brady's Story

Once I got out of the Army in May 2012 we began to run races together. Our first 5k was the Kenton County Veterans Memorial 5k in May of that year. We decided to stay committed and run a race once a month and have continued to do so since then. We run races all over the Tri-State, from Greendale, IN to Mason, OH to Union, KY. Our favorite race is the Erlanger Friendship City 5k. They always have the best door prizes! The biggest race we have ran together was in Indianapolis. I ran the Indy Half Marathon and she ran the 5k. The experience was almost surreal with the thousands and thousands of people that run in it. We enjoyed it so much we have started to train for the event again this coming May. She is going to run the half marathon with me this time. It has been a great experience for me to be able to spend that quality bonding time with my mother. She has always been an inspiration and a great source of support.

What's your plan?

We know running 5k's may not be "your thing" but what we hope you take from this story is the great example set by two of our fellow Bearcats to make the time to make wellness a priority - and it's something that is not only helping them to be physically better, but also helping them to spend quality time together and to be accountable to their goals.  We hope you'll find the resources throughout the Be Well UC pages on a variety of wellness topics: Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well, Move Well and Save Well.  Check out our pages to find ways to work on your wellness and be your best self!

We are so proud to have Lori Beth and Brady on our team of Wellness Ambassadors, helping us to build a culture of health on campus! Make sure to say hi to them when you see them around campus!


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