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Tondra Holt

"I take pride in helping others reach their academic goals.  I am now extending that love to UC Wellness."

Hi my name is Tondra Holt and I’ve worked as the Assist to The Associate Dean of CCM for over 17 years. I love my job, my college (CCM) and working for the university. I take pride in helping others reach their academic goals. I am now extending that love to UC Wellness. I have always enjoyed all aspects of wellness (mind, body and soul) and always knew that being well encompasses all of that. I am grateful that my employer shares and supports the same sentiments. I was very excited to learn about the UC Be Well program and when the opportunity arose to become an Ambassador, I knew this was something that I had to be a part of. It was actually destiny because I currently serve on the CCM Staff Council for my college where our purpose is to be a resource for all staff by providing a forum where issues and opportunities can be surfaced and discussed.  One of my tasks on the staff council wellness team is to compile a monthly newsletter that keeps our colleagues  informed and engaged in healthy activities and well-ness.  Our goal is to foster a more inclusive, dynamic, and pleasant place to work for all CCM employees (same mission as UC Be Well).

Lori and Brady Race Photo
Lori race photo
Lori and Brady Race photo

My favorite pick me up throughout my workday is to do 10 squats and stretches at the top of every hour. I also have other office members and staff in CCM doing the same. Sometimes they even remind me of it.

I have been a member of the Rec Center for almost 10 years and I go at least 4 times a week. I also recently joined the UC weight watchers program.   I’m taking advantage of all the incentives that the be well program has to offer from the lunch and learns, the pop up events, the web courses, the screenings, etc….all which can be found on the website  I’m logging all my points and have my sights set on taking home the Gold!!!

Outside of work, I became a Nana for the first time X 2 this year so these are my 2 pride and joys (Shaquille aka Bubba, now 15 months and Alexander III aka King, now 10 months). These two have given me even more incentive to stay healthy and well so fitness is more on the front burner instead of the back.

I also love to be creative and spend time creating decorative items like wreaths and flower arrangements.  It has been a great stress reducer and outlet for me.

Tis the season - Be Well!

What's your plan?

We hope Tondra's story will help you find something that motivates you to work on wellness both at work and at home.  While you're away for the holidays and winter season days, consider some new ways you can work to improve your health and wellness and find what makes you "tick."

We hope you'll find the resources throughout the Be Well UC pages on a variety of wellness topics: Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well, Move Well and Save Well.  Check out our pages to find ways to work on your wellness and be your best self!

We are so proud to have Tondra on our team of Wellness Ambassadors, helping us to build a culture of health on campus! Make sure to say hi when you see her around campus!


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