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Tony Almaguer (and the Provost's Office)

Tony and his colleagues in Van Wormer really know how to Be Well!

Our colleagues in Van Wormer Hall have really taken inspiration from Be Well UC and run with it.  Their "ambassador extraordinaire," Tony Almaguer, has helped to coordinate several opportunities to Be Well as a group, including coloring and chair massages for their staff. They've had great participation across several wellness opportunities - and set a great example for everyone on campus!

Why should we work on wellness at work?

There is a lot of research around the impact of well-being and our work/life balance.  Here are just a few thoughts to share:

  • Poor wellbeing accounts for 600 unhealthy days per 1,000 employees per month, i.e. 6%, and can be summarized into 5 essential elements: career, social, financial, physical and community. (Gallup Survey)
  • When unhappy and un-well, you’re more likely to not show up to work, produce less and not work well with your colleagues. (Huffington Post)
  • Employee retention, job satisfaction and overall welfare are impacted by wellness programs, which all affect the success of a business. (SparkPeople)
  • Worksite wellness must have an integral part of a company in order for it to have a place in the work day. (Forbes)

What's your plan?

If your office or department doesn't yet have an ambassador - consider "appointing" one!  We are always building the team to help us spread the word about upcoming events, programs and to lead a few too! Learn more about being an Wellness Ambassador and submit an application.

We hope you'll find the resources throughout the Be Well UC pages on a variety of wellness topics: Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well, Move Well and Save Well.  Check out our pages to find ways to work on your wellness and be your best self!

Van Wormer Coloring
Finished coloring pages

Need some help?

The Be Well UC team would be more than happy to visit an already planned meeting for just 10 minutes or set up a separate opportunity to talk about wellness. We can walk through the program, how to get going, and address questions you and your team may have.  Email to request a visit!


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