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Tricia Yee

Leading by Example

Tricia, one of our Wellness Champions, sets the example for herself, her family and her peers.  She makes wellness part of her everyday life and others have been able to recognize this in her, and follow in her footsteps.  Here is Tricia's story!


Winning with Be Well UC
Headshot of Tricia before her walk
Screenshot of app showing Tricia's success
Tricia with her family

Tricia's Story

I have been at UC for 12 years and I was so happy when “Be Well UC” was created. A wellness program was one of the first things I was interested when learning about benefits at the university.  I had heard rumblings of a program for years, but never saw anything come to fruition.  “Be Well UC” has made wellness not only easy, but fun.  I love doing the challenges with colleagues and attending events.  It is a great way to meet others from across campus and discover new interests.

I am using my year one incentives to invest in my wellness.  I have used my gold level incentive to subscribe to Weight Watchers online.  Not only have I lost weight, it encourages me to be more active, I find that I am sleeping better and generally in a better mood.  This just reinforces to me how important it is to invest in ourselves, our wellness and our futures.

I am proud to serve as a Wellness Ambassador for the program and I look forward to the exciting things happening in year two and beyond.  

Tricia Yee
Coordinator of Special Projects and Programs
University Honors Program

What's your plan?

Make time for wellness - as every little bit counts.  As Tricia showed, it can impact you every day - from your sleep to how you engage with colleagues.  Take advantage of the resources available to you with Be Well UC to make progress toward whatever goals you may have.

We are so proud to have Tricia on our team of Wellness Ambassadors, helping us to build a culture of health on campus! Make sure to say hi to them when you see them around campus!


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